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How data-centric ML helps to build reliable models fast

ML researchers typically iterate different model architectures on a fixed dataset that they often know very little about. In real use cases, it is often a good idea to focus most efforts on the data and not on the model.

Stefan Suwelack

Dec 9 8 min

Data-centric AI for Engineering and Manufacturing

Data-centric machine learning is an emerging paradigm. Is this a game-changer for ML in engineering and manufacturing?

Stefan Suwelack

Nov 22 4 min

The AI-assisted Engineering Canvas

Data-driven methods have arrived and promise to speed up product development. The AI-assisted Engineering Canvas helps to get started.

Stefan Suwelack

Aug 30 8 min

What is AI-assisted Design?

Generative ML methods have achieved tremendous success in image and audio processing. Can mechanical engineers benefit from this technology?

Stefan Suwelack

Sep 16 6 min

Use Cases for AI-assisted Engineering

Machine learning will transform engineering work. But how does this process look like and where will it start?

Stefan Suwelack

Feb 24 6 min

What is AI-assisted Engineering ?

Engineers spend a lot of time on manual routine tasks. Novel machine learning techniques promise to change that.

Stefan Suwelack

Jan 30 5 min